CLC have their own crowdfunding in place to help raise funds for a website design, hosting and member scans for those unable to get scans, those without a proof of having had the disease, or unable to afford transport or could otherwise not get to clinics/centres. These funds are administered by a certified, dbs checked banking professional and accounts are kept for the purposes of transparency.

Christmas crowdfunder -Longhaulers Covidopoly.

We are raising funds for our Christmas Crowdfunder – you simply donate a minimum of £15 (or more). Leave your name and address on our Gofundme and then send an email to and we will send you the digital download.


Untested and some tested victims of covid 19 are currently unable to get enough support at present. Recent research sugsests many of us are having typical organ damage like that seen in ME/CFS patients.We need urgent MRI & CT scans on our brains, heart, lungs, kidneys. spleen, gastric tract and liver. We have spent more than 7-8 months trying to get support but nothing is available, instead we often find ourselves being labelled with mental illness.

Exasperated, with little energy due to fatigue and suffering on average 50 symptoms each, we are starting an ongoing fund raising campaign to help these patients get urgent scans privately at a hospital to prove we are ill and rule out harmful clots. So far some of us have been able to get scans as part of research and they are showing organ damage. We have had people die due to clotting and many of us are deeply concerned that we may have permanent damage or are needing further medical intervention as we show a variety of up to 200 effects. This group will only get bigger with each wave.

These scans are both necessary to show the medical community that we have damaged organs and for diagnostic imaging to get support. We are aiming initially for crowdfunding donations of around £25,000 to send members for these scans, as we raise more money we will continue to pay for private scans or help towards the costs of travelling for any scans that are offered as part of research.

We have been isolated, excluded and we are the forgotten victims of Covid 19. Most members are untested and stayed home not to put pressure on the NHS at a time of crisis and have now effectively shot themselves in the foot. Some of these members are medical frontline staff who contracted long tail during their work and been fired, unpaid, treated unacceptably as well as others. we need these frontline staff in our NHS to treat the sick and to police our communities.

Can you help us get help, with proof of internal damage to organs we will have proof of medical need. Perhaps then we will get some further support. we are raising funds now to set up and run a website which will allow us to receive donations for a downloadable fun game. This will also add to the funds. Thank you for considering our campaign.


Please donate to our fundraiser on GoFund Me


Guarantee that our physiological long covid will be treated with scans, tests & medicines.

Increasing publications are being circulated by academics who are proposing CBT/GET for long covid patients. This treatment, which is not evidenced based and has been proven as failed research for ME/CFS patients has been proven as dangerous for both them and long covid patients (with patients reporting heart attacks). We the long covid patients want a guarantee that physiological illness will be investigated (alongside research for un-hospitalised victims) and treatments trialled. So far little discussion is taking place on scans, tests and medicines, despite a huge number of research projects proving that there are various treatments for organ damage such as myocarditis and hyaluronic acid jello deposits in the lungs. Likewise, treatments exist for joint pain, dysautonomia and ME/CFS as well as thyroid issues (amongst many others) we are seeing in thousands of patients.

We the long covid patients have waited over 7-8 months typically now and are expecting diagnostic tests, scans and clinical support. Whilst some patients may warrant mental health support, this has largely been due to being ignored, locked away, disbelieved and told we are suffering anxiety/mass hysteria. We would like a guarantee that our very physiological illness (chronic long covid group have catalogued the illness since the outset and have documented over 182 effects so far which are almost entirely physical). Coverscan project supports our theory that many of us have both internal organ damage and the photobank and documentation provided by chronic long covid group show the external effects. This is a very physiological illness and we are not prepared to accept bio-psychosocial treatments as the way forward to getting us support or better.